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Women at Work: Q & A with Eliise Maar

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So you want to change careers? Or maybe you’re a youngster and you’re just starting out. Either way, enjoy our Women at Work series where we get the deets on different career paths, how to get there and the general dealio to help you on your job journey!

Meet Eliise, she is the woman behind the global Australian jewellery brand, ELIISE MAAR. Her stunning collection merges different precious metals, stones, colours and silhouettes to create an endless look of styling arrangements that celebrates each wearer’s personality.  Ali, sits down with Eliise to get to know more about her and her growing business…

When did your passion and love for jewelry start? Where does it come From?

I did a lot of arts and crafts when growing up. I loved being creative and jewellery ticked all the boxes for me; It’s wearable and also an art form. My love for jewellery started about 2010 when I completed my first pieces. I knew then, that this was the path I wanted to take. When I first started, I just used non precious materials available such as aluminium chains, polymer clay etc… I began using more finer metals when I created my label in 2015.

You have such evocative and creative collection concepts, such as ‘moon’ and ‘frost’ and ‘fleur’. How do you come up with these concepts for your collections?

At different stages of my life, I’ve been inspired by different things and my pieces are a reflection of this.  A lot of my inspiration is drawn from nature, travel and witnessing different cultures. For example, ‘The Luna Collection’ is inspired by the mythology of the Moon. The moon is considered to be a symbol of femininity in many cultures. It represents wisdom, growth and the ability to transition. Additionally, ‘Lavish Floral’ is inspired by the rich and colourful prints you can find in Japanese, Persian and Moroccan art. Fleur is also inspired by nature and the natural forms that occur: folding leaves, flowers, landscapes.

How long does it take to make a collection, from dream/conception to be available for purchase? Talk us through the process.

It just depends on the amount of pieces in the collection, but I would say, around two months.  This includes creating all the designs, product photos and having a photo-shoot to launch the new series. I also add additional pieces to the collections over time.

How do you feel about the business side of the work that you do? Do you prefer the creative side to the business side or love them both equally? Does it ever change/fluctuate?

It’s the perfect combination for me. I’m very passionate about business and entrepreneurship in general as well as being creative. The business side brings the structure.  I love being organized and efficient in everything I do.  The creative sides gives me that playfulness and spontaneity.

What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned so far in being a girl boss?

There have been many lessons but definitely…

Self discipline: I’ve learnt to just do things that need to be done, even if I don’t enjoy them. I also don’t let it ruin my mood in the process.

Have a balanced life and take care of your health: If you’re sick, you can’t work and if you can’t work as a small business owner, you will end up with much bigger setbacks than being an employee. As an employee there’s sick leave, as a business owner, the business will stop. I take a couple hours or a day off if I feel run down and then work harder the next day when I feel a 100% rather than pushing myself.

All time favourite personal piece of jewellery closest to your heart?

I’d say my engagement ring. When I saw the blue sapphire I chose for my engagement ring, I just knew it was exactly what I wanted.


Alice is a counsellor, psychotherapist and mediation teacher. She loves art history, fashion and songwriting. She will never get over Patrick dying on Offspring.