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How we comprehend information helps us form an opinion. With all the different forms of media that we are exposed to, are we aware of the ways we are being manipulated?

As you are reading this, you have to be aware that this is my perspective. My beliefs, shaped by the sum of all my experiences.

The filters of my mind

I have noticed how different forms of media can trigger a strong emotion in myself. I am getting better at noticing when the filters in my mind can distort my perception. For example, When I have a strong opinion about something, I will lean more in that direction. I also find that I am more attracted to what resonates with my core beliefs and the total lack of censorship in the media can trigger a negative emotional response. As I process information in this way, am I limiting my understanding of what I’m perceiving? Am I looking into the whole picture? Do I need to ask more questions? So I’ve started to pay more attention to what I’m filtering. Becoming open to new information allows my perspective to become more fluid. More open to acceptance and change.

This insight into my thought processes has allowed me to become more aware of certain daily influences that can impact on how I absorb things. Here is what i have noticed in regard to the media:


Ok, so news is my pet peeve! To the point where I rarely watch it anymore. It plays on our fears. Too many times I hear people who have formed a strong emotional stance based off a single story. Although the media may claim to be objective, we are still only witnessing events from a perspective. Have we checked the facts? Are we being aware?


Advertising has a way of persuading and manipulating the consumer to buy a certain product or look a certain way. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. It’s all about being more aware. I often ask myself, why did I buy that? Why did that ad work for me? Obviously the filters in my mind agree with certain products, clothing etc… How much are we being persuaded by what is being advertised. I now try to be more aware of the choices I make.

Social media

Social media is where it gets really confusing. A million perspectives being shared at a hundred miles an hour often with a total lack of discernment. Social media has a way of using this information to drive news feeds. I am now more alert about what I share and like. Being more aware minimizes their manipulation which, in turn, gives us back our power.

So as I become more aware, these are some strategies I have found have worked for me:

  • I question everything
  • I am open to different perspectives (you never know what you might learn)
  • I am aware of the filters in my mind
  • When in doubt I trust my heart

Greater Awareness = Clearer Perspective = Understanding and Tolerance

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