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Looking round at my leaving do, I was grateful I was sober (only because I was 5 months pregnant at the time) and not the sobbing drunken mess which I predictably would have been. In fact my (Aussie) husband said I probably wouldn’t have been so ‘level headed’ and be able to leave the UK at all. You see it’s a hard decision to make – from the long slog of applying for a visa, to packing up a life and then saying all those teary goodbyes.

But off I went and arrived for good in Australia over a year ago. Many people have asked me if it’s very different living here than in ole Blighty. These are my main observations:

The food

It’s fresh, creative and varied here. Just in my local suburb – there are over 25 restaurants and cafés with a wide choice of cuisines. I also love a good BBQ and I think it’s genius that you can use public ones for free in parks and by the beaches. My main gripe is that I still can’t find a decent curry house for a cheeky takeaway.

The TV

Ads are shown every 8-10 minutes during a programme, then before the last 2 minutes of it ending which is probably the most frustrating way ever to watch something. In the UK there’s a few ads every 15 minutes – much easier to plan snacks and cups of tea.

The sport

I used to think it was just my husband that was sport fanatic, but I have found that everyone I have met in Australia are obsessed with sport. It’s a way of life here, which is great. I’m now a big AFL fan despite my team (go Saints!) being a constant disappointment.

The crazy weather

When extreme temperatures like 40 degrees one day and the 15 the next, it never fails to amaze me. Although, I am English – we love chatting about the weather!

The pubs

The one thing I really miss is an English pub. The pubs are all called hotels here for some reason and can’t quite get that cosy home-away-from-home feel you get in the UK. I’m used to them now – they’re just different – but give me a Saturday arvo in an English pub watching the footy (sorry soccer) over a couple of drinks any day!

The beach

Living so close to the beach is as good as I thought it would be. Coming from central London, I rarely saw a beach. Now I smile every time I see it as I come out of my house. And I will never get bored of those sunsets!

If you have moved to another country or state join in the conversation and let us know your observations.

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Originally from London, Naomi recently moved to Melbourne to start family life with her husband and baby daughter, Ava. She enjoys good food, socialising, reading and her weekly fix of Pilates. Her motto in life is 'there's a first time for everything - try all the new experiences you can.'