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The one with the winner…

Couch? Check. Pyjamas? Check. Wine? Check check check!

We open and Osh greets us. Oh I’ve missed you Osh. We’ve only seen you at the Rose Ceremonies lately.

We’re in Singapore. Why do they always have to go overseas? Why can’t they just take a day trip to Canberra?

GeorgieGirl takes a leisurely walk while thinking about her time with the dudes. They show us clips of the ENTIRE SEASON. C’mon guys, quicksticks.

She is telling us how much she likes them, “But I can only choose one.” Umm, GG, suggest the threesome, see what happens…

Now we’re watching Lee (with his guns out) and Matty get on the plane to join her in Singapore. They’re both pondering and looking out of the little plane windows. Oooh, window seats, pulling out the big guns Channel 10!

Back in Singapore and the family joins GG. The sister and the father are there to meet the lads , but unfortunately her mother is not well enough to come and sends an adorable video instead.

It seems the sister is going to be the ballbreaker. Will she be as bad as Matty’s sister? Coz I could barely handle that the first time.


Family chat

GG goes to collect Matty, he’s a bit nervous. Well of course, it’d be weird if you weren’t, Matty.

They say there hellos and the sister jumps right in: “How old are you?” “Where are you in the family?” “Do you like cats?”

I’m not even kidding, that was her third question.

Then we get to the whole Sydney versus Melbourne thing and everyone goes quiet. Or at least they make it look like that.

GG’s Daddy-o takes Matty away for the chat. He asks about Sydney and Matty says it’ll be long distance for a while, then he’ll try and look for a job in Melbourne. Since when bro? When did you decide this and why didn’t you tell me?

They’re talking in circles and I’ve zoned out, but her Dad is not sure if Matty is being 100% real. Interesting…

We cut back to the girls and GG asks her sister what she thinks. The sis says she doesn’t get a good vibe… then does a ‘just kidding’ thing and I’m bored with her.

They say bye and we welcome in Lee. He looks delicious (but that shirt could have another button done up) and says he’s nervous too.


Hellos all round again. Dad says he already sees a stronger physical connection. I know, right?

The sister is giving him the dagger eyes. She thinks he’s being a bit smooth and saying what he thinks they want to hear. She claims she “has been able to call out a bad egg in the past.” Where? Show me the badness in Lee! Show me!!

Now it’s private chat time and the sister takes Lee away. She tells him she thinks he’s too smooth. She actually tells him that! He says he’s only confident and smooth because he’s talking about Georgia.

She asks how he feels and he says “I’m falling in love with your sister.” And he will try and tell GG. The sis seems to take comfort in that.

They say bye to Lee and the family debrief. Turns out the sister and the dad don’t want to share…

GG pushes for more… “Who do you think will be a better fit?”

The sister prefers Matty and the Dad prefers Lee. Bahahaha, they’re making shit so hard for GG.

“I have no idea how I’m going to make this decision.” She says. Well, you’ve still got an hour to do it, honey.

Matty’s final date

She takes him to the Bell of Happiness. It’s exactly what you think it is. They have to ring the bell together to receive eternal happiness etc. Then they write on a little bell and add it to the tourist collection.

She keeps going on and on about how much fun they have together. Yeah, but what else ya got? They take a ride down these zip line things and smooch at the end.


Now it’s intimate couch time in a butterfly park. Butterflies! This is actually my dream date come true.

They’re talking about their growing relationship and he is looking at her creepily. Almost like he wants to eat her, and not in the good way.

“I miss you when I’m not with you,”  he says and she agrees. “I’m going to be absolutely devastated if it comes to an end.” Way to lay on the guilt, bro.

Lee’s final date

They say hello and it’s a good smooch, like a real good one, and they take a tour of the city.

“When I’m with Lee, I feel like there’s no one else in the world.” Really? Not even Matty? I mean, I’m fine with it, just asking.

We move on to a night boat ride. It looks very romantic and I’m pausing this recap to quickly book my flights to Singapore.

GG and Lee are talking about the family chats and he’s worried about the whole “too smooth” thing.

He says “I was to spend the rest of my life” with GG. He’s adorbs.

A light show on the water starts and she says “It was the most incredible and romantic thing I’ve seen in my life.” It did look pretty schmick.

Now it’s intimate pool time. Lee plucks up the courage, “It’s not easy to talk about my feelings but with you I want to.” It looks suspiciously similar to last night’s pool chat, but less awks.

Lee says, “I’m so falling in love with you.” And let me tell you, the triumphant music that played just then was magic. MAGIC!

Decision Day

GG is taking another casual stroll, this time with her trusty yoga mat. WTF? When would she have time for yoga? She has a decision to make!

We watch the dudes get dressed (it’s not weird at all, though) and they chat about how much they love her.

Now she’s getting ready and we have some serious Oral B product placement. (Note to self: buy Oral  B at the shops tomorrow). She’s all dolled up (not sure about that dress, honey) and she meets Osh.

She says she can’t believe she has to tell a great guy who makes her feel so happy that it’s not enough. Because she’s “fallen madly in love with someone else.”

Osh leaves her with that and it’s time to tell the guys…


The first limo pulls up and it’s….

Matty…if past seasons are any indication, that means he’s not the one!!

She launches into her spiel about how much she has enjoyed their time together…but she’s talking in the past tense and he knows it’s coming.

“I came here to fall in love and I have, but with someone else.” She tells him.

That is ouch and it hits him in the guts. I know that because he actually bends over after hearing it. Matty says some lovely things and leaves with his dignity. Matty, I never really dug you, but that was a classy rejection, bro.

“I am absolutely in love with Lee.” She says as she waits for him.

He arrives and walks down to meet her… GG’s smile is gigantic and so cute.

“I’ve been looking for that unique someone… because I’ve fallen so madly I love with you.”

And they both say “I love you so much” a lot.


And they smooch. They smooch it up real good.

“It isn’t the end of this, it’s just the beginning.”

The same can be said for these recaps, but not really, because the show is done and therefore the recaps are done.

Thanks for reading 😉


Last night’s ep: Episode 11


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