Why self-diagnosing your skin is a no no

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When your skin starts freaking out The Global Beauty Group’s Skincare Ambassador Marina Juhas-Cucilovic says “go with the pro.”

In this digital age of the internet, with its seemingly endless amount of information swirling around in cyberspace – it can be tempting to pop your feet up, grab your laptop and get all twinkle fingers on Google when issues with your skin arise. But I’m here to tell you why that’s not such a good idea if you are truly looking to get to the root of your skin problem.

Googling is self-diagnosing

And if you aren’t a trained dermal specialist, how can you be certain you are on the right track?
Sure, Googling acne cures, wrinkle removers, pigmentation faders, rosacea remedies or pore busters will yield thousands of results which will vary from personal opinion, what worked for one person, what didn’t work for another, generic facts, etc. – but what it certainly won’t yield is a clear-cut examination of your skin’s own characteristics and imbalances, which is completely unique to you and you alone.

Self-diagnosing treats the symptoms, not the cause

Self-diagnosing your skin concerns at home can only ever be done on a surface, superficial level, which means you are more than likely treating the symptoms of your skin condition and not the underlying cause. This is a band-aid solution that will only lead you into a vicious cycle that swings from “Yay, it’s working!” to “Oh God, help – it’s worse than ever!”
If you really want to love the skin you are in (and stop wasting time and money on trialling different products and quick fixes), you first have to discover what lies beneath.

The simple way to happy, healthy skin

And it really is shockingly simple – professional skin analysis. This is the only way to completely eliminate the guesswork, identify your skin’s weaknesses and set you on a path to a balanced, healthy complexion day in, day out. We’re talking skin worthy of #MakeupFree selfies here, people!
Nowadays skin therapists have access to incredibly advanced skin analysing technology and diagnostic tools that instantly determine your skin type, condition (hydration levels, wrinkle and elasticity statistics, sebum (oil) levels, pigmentation severity, enlarged pores, etc.) while also recommending the best course of treatment for your individual skin ‘map’ based on the scientific data extracted from the examination process.

Get it right from the get go

You might notice that many big name celebrities and supermodels have their own “can’t live without” star dermatologist or aesthetician who they dash to on the regular to maintain their fabulously flawless skin. While this might not be realistic for everyday beauties like us, what you can do is take the first and most important step to seizing a bit of that Hollywood-style skin for yourself by arranging a professional skin analysis appointment.
Through this, your skin specialist can then prescribe a factually-driven skincare regimen that is specially formulated for your skin type and condition. By getting on track from the get go with a simple one-off skin analysis, you will save loads of money and time in the long run – not to mention greatly reduce the risk of unexpected nasty surprises when a YouTube quick fix remedy goes tragically wrong.

So my final word of advice is to do right by your skin by giving it the individualised attention it deserves. Professional skin analysis is also a wonderful way to get to know your skin on a deeper level – and I dare say you might be very surprised at what you discover.

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Marina is the Skincare Ambassador at The Global Beauty Group. Her devotion to understanding the science of skin is unmistakable. When it comes to laying the foundation for healthy skin Marina advises, “Never underestimate the power of a solid skincare regimen.”