Your Guide to Hair Extensions

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“I want long, luscious hair and I want it now!”

Well, I am here to tell you, that the advancements in hair extensions can have you with long, thick hair instantly.

But first up, extensions require proper care and maintenance, so it’s good to know what your are in for.

There are tons of different application methods, textures and colours.  So, before you decide to go ahead, do some lengthy research.  I have put together some pros and cons on some applications for you.



Clip-ins are for those not ready to go all out with more committed hair extensions as they can be applied and removed easily yourself


You can wear them as little or as often as required

Great for an instant change

Less damage as they only clip into the hair


Clip-ins can lead to hair loss if they are applied to the same area constantly

The clips can sometimes be seen in more thinner, finer hair as they tend to have a metal clips

They need to be taken out before bed, as they can matt and be uncomfortable

My tip:  Hang your clips on a coat hanger, and peg the clips so they hang neatly, or you can place them in a stocking and store them in a small box.


Your natural hair is braided into cornrows.  Extensions are then sewn in with a needle and cotton.


Ideal for women with medium to thick hair

No heat or glue is required for application

Instant results


Hair loss can occur from tight braiding, tension or traction

Lengthy visits to the hairdresser as application may take several hours

May be uncomfortable at times

Limited styling options


To hold the extensions in place, double sided tape hair extensions are applied between two sections of your natural hair.  Recommended for all hair types especially fine hair


Quick to apply, compared to most other types of hair extensions

A full-head can take up to 30-60 minutes

Less harm and damage as they are not as heavy as other methods so they do little damage to the hair and scalp

Great for adding thickness, length and colour

Blends naturally with your hair

Lots of styling options


A little pricey but worth it

Tapes will fail if installation is not done right

No swimming  as chlorine or salt water can damage tape

Sulfate free shampoo only


The best option for achieving length, volume or even colour in just a few seconds. I personally have a halo.  It’s the same length as my natural hair and just a few shades lighter, which gives me more colour and a slight balayage look without bleaching my own hair.  The Halo cannot damage your hair as it’s not attached to your hair. It’s one single piece of fine string attached.  Some brands have Velcro clips attached to ensure hair stays secure.


No damage, so you can have perfect hair while your hair grows

Super comfy

Ability to change length, colour, style and add thickness

The halo is a once of investment with no pricey maintenance so you can save in the long run

Mix up your hair style everyday; a bob by day and long locks by night

Lots of different hair styles

The process takes seconds to apply, quick and easy application. The attaching wire merges with hair.

Completely invisible


Not suitable for swimming or sleeping;  most extensions have a tendency to tangle when sleeping on them so take them out before bedtime



A lot of people ask me which brand is my personal favourite.  The brand I use on myself and my clients is definitely, Showpony Hair Extensions.  I love the quality of the hair and they have a two- tone colour range.


So there you have it. Your guide to a range of hair extensions available right now.

Enjoy your long, luscious locks xx


Tania Lonardo is the Art director at Oscar Oscar Salons, Southland Victoria. She started her career in 2002 in a Kérastase institute salon in South Australia. Her involvement in fashion events, editorial shoots and the entertainment industry has given her a wealth of experience. Her greatest satisfaction comes from meeting her clients and working collaboratively to meet their needs and exceed their expectations. It's not just a job it's her passion.