5 self care tips this silly season  

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With summer festivities about to kick off, how can you ensure you roll into 2018 fresh as a daisy instead of feeling like the week-old Christmas lunch leftovers still lingering in the fridge? Well, aside from staying hydrated and clocking in eight hours sleep (most) nights, here’s five other self care tips that will get you through.

Start the day off right

With all the parties, backyard barbecues and grab-and-go beach snacks, it goes without saying that your diet is going to venture to the wildly indulgent side over the holidays. But one thing you can commit to is kicking the day off with a nutrient-rich breakfast. Balance out all the heavy festive foods with a summery smoothie bowl which packs fruit, veg and protein into one easy, no-fuss meal. Plus, they are so pretty to look at!

Smarten up your skincare regimen

So you wanted to start a solid skincare regimen forever ago but time got away with you, right? Well, now is the perfect time. Imagining your fresh, balanced, blemish-free face walking into the first day of work next year can be your guiding light and motivation. Visit a qualified skin therapist who can analyse your skin and construct an accurate skincare regimen to your skin’s specific needs. Ask your skin therapist about including an intensive professional skin care products like the bt-Ceuticals Chromatic serum which contains anti-stress and anti-inflammatory ingredients. It will be your skin’s lifesaver over the silly season!

Treat yourself

Kill two birds with one stone while at the skin therapist and treat yourself to some high-tech skin pampering. Schedule a treatment with beauty salon equipment such as a LED machine facial, Oxygen Facial or Carbon Facial (also known as the China Doll Facial) a day or two before New Year’s and your party glow will light up the town better than your neighbour’s annual front yard Christmas light spectacle.


Tis the season to be jolly, after all. Plus, did you know that laughing offers both short and long term benefits including stress and pain relief, stimulates feel-good endorphins and can even fight disease? A good way to stay in high spirits this silly season is to simply accept that things are going to go wrong: you’ll burn the Christmas lunch side dish, your friends will be late to the New Year’s Eve party and your partner will get a little tipsy and tell embarrassing dad jokes at the Boxing Day barbecue. If you don’t sweat the small stuff, you can better focus on appreciating the priceless moments with your loved ones.

Go green

Use your annual leave wisely by maximising time outdoors in green spaces. Maintaining our connection with nature is vital for our self care and well-being. Studies are increasingly showing that spending time in green spaces relieves anxiety, improves mood and lowers stress levels. So if you find yourself loitering around the kitchen or living room at your family gatherings, make a conscious effort to encourage everybody outside to the lawn or down to the local park. Kicking off your shoes to feel the earth under your feet is an extra feel-good bonus!

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