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Get active with these kettlebell exercises

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I love exercising with a kettlebell, there’s something so efficient about a workout that combines cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. And you only need one piece of equipment! And if you don’t have a kettlebell, you can pick them up (get it?) at Kmart for around $15. Try completing 20 reps of each of these exercises:


Did you know that kettlebell swings work pretty much everything from your shoulders, core, your hamstrings, your quads, your back and even your glutes?

This is why I love to incorporate this exercise into my training routine as it helps overall body strength conditioning.



Kettlebell goblet squats are a great exercise to tone your legs and thighs and aid in strengthening the quads, hips, lats, calves, glutes and hamstrings.
This is why I love to execute this exercise regularly in the gym and at home as it really helps build a strong body.



Kettlebell high pull exercises incorporate part upright row and part deadlift, which is why it is a physically challenging exercise. It is very demanding on your cardio vascular system but also helps condition and sculpt your trapezius and deltoids.

The reason why it causes such an oxygen deficit when performed is because it involves full body movements with major muscle groups.


See how these go, it should definitely get the blood pumping. But beware, your arms may be a bit achy the day after. That just means you’ve worked them hard!

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Veronica Recupero is a highly energetic and motivated mother of two children, who is passionate about health and fitness. She focuses on a holistic approach to nutrition and training, to empower women to develop a positive mindset to make life style changes. Veronica is an accredited personal trainer, group fitness instructor, body building prep coach and has a diploma in social science. She also creates her own personalised nutritional recipes that are easy to follow and prepare.