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In honour of Mother’s Day this weekend, I have decided to list a few of life’s lessons that my mum has taught me. These haven’t necessarily been explicitly expressed, but I’ve learnt them through her words and actions and (try) to incorporate them into my everyday life.

1. It’s nice to be nice

As much as some people may not be deserving of my niceness, it’s always better to take the high road. It’s not about being fake or disingenuous, but just having the awareness that things are easier with a smile. And blackmail is just so hard to organise.

2. Keep a clean house

As Murphy’s Law would have it, unexpected guests will drop in when you’re fresh out of clean cutlery and your kitchen bench has become a dumpster. Do a quick tidy every night to avoid this drama. Alternatively, hide things in the oven and linen closet when you hear the doorbell.

3. Put your clothes away

Your bedroom floor is generally not a solid storage option for your clothes. They get dirty even if they were clean and they get damaged even when you do the delicate dance from the light switch to your bed.

4. Don’t touch anything in expensive shops

My mother used to make me hold my own hand in fancy shops when I was a child. She was terrified I’d put my grubby hands all over a crystal vase or, the ultimate fear, I’d break something that cost the same as a small car.

5. It’s ok to be grey

In a world where women are dyeing their hair and avoiding greys at all cost, my mother has embraced the natural change and it looks great! Having said that, I have a few stray greys coming through and, at thirty years of age, I’m not ready to succumb to it *dials hairdresser’s number*.

6. Have my voice heard

I learnt from my beloved mum that my opinions matter and I deserve to be listened to. I also learnt that raising your voice gets people’s attention, but that one is slightly less charming coming from me than her.

7. How to care for others

My whole life I’ve watched her care for my dad and us kids. She does this by asking us questions, listening to our responses and generally keeping us clean and fed. Whenever I go for a visit, I still leave with a giant bag full of food, soap and toilet paper. In fact, if I need any of these items, I just visit Mum at home instead of taking a trip to the shops.


These are just 7 of the many lessons I’ve learnt from my Ma, there are many more and I’m so very grateful to her. Happy Mother’s Day for this Sunday! Xx


What are some life lessons you’ve been taught?


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