Prep Mum Squad: Who you need when your child starts school.

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Prep Mum Squad

My son became a Preppy last week – it was traumatic for everyone. Mainly me! He cried a little but held it together well. He carried that big school bag in on his own and was super happy about his new gigantic locker that he could nearly fit into. He cried one tear when I arrived on the first afternoon, he missed me – bless his overly priced, school logo emblazoned, must have socks! I was late to pick him up on his second fucking day and I cried buckets as I walked him to the car. He didn’t mind, he was being looked after by an amazing friend I have. She is one of the best souls I know. Then I got to thinking about the Prep Mum Squad and who exactly you need.

The ‘Soul Match’ Mumma

This Mum would walk through fire for you. She watches your child when you are late, she embraces them as if they are her own. She makes you laugh when you want to cry and she makes you smile even when you have waited in the carpark for 40 minutes to move 5 feet! You have playdates where the kids laugh and play and hours roll past. She remembers your birthday even though you may never have told her and she sends flowers to make you smile. She is just the best. If you had to leave your child to anyone, it would be her. You would let her adopt you if it meant living together!! She is top of your squad, you need her.

The ‘Helpful’ Mumma

This Mum has been your friend for ages, she knows that you occasionally (repeatedly) forget things and she sends you a sneaky morning text to remind you that today is Photo Day so for the love of God, brush the kid’s hair! She sees you struggling with two bags in the carpark and comes to help because she has free hands and is bloody helpful. She is always at the fundraisers and she makes a point of getting every teacher an personalised present, because she is sweet like that. You need this Mumma, she is so positive and kind she makes your heart warm.

The ‘Is it Library Today?’ Mumma

This Mum is your kindred spirit! You are both a little confused most of the time and walk around hoping your child doesn’t notice. She misses the occasional school event, but she laughs it off and she makes sure you laugh about it too, because who doesn’t love a good giggle at missing something important. She has to drive home to get the Library Bag because you can’t borrow a book out without it. Why? She is also pro lunch order because sometimes packing lunch is hard and that’s ok. She is salt of the Earth, hard working and she wants the best for her child. You need this Mumma, she is a true gem.

The ‘Take a look at my kid’ Mumma

This Mum is a little high maintenance and needs constant reassurance, but she is kind nonetheless and she is just super proud of her little one. Everything is a big deal and I mean everything. From School Photos to Sports Days and everything in between – she is there, camera at the ready, snacks in her bag, cheering like it is the Olympics or clapping like her child is being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for spaghetti necklaces. She talks fast, walks fast and runs the gauntlet of after school activities like a professional. She is both inspired and tired all at once and you need her. She shows you everything is important; she shows you even the smallest of achievements is an achievement and she is most definitely part of your squad. You need her, she is the enthusiastic presence you need when you’ve probably forgotten about enthusiasm.

The ‘I’m adding every event for the year to the Calendar’ Mumma

Rounding out the squad is the organised Mumma. She has trawled the School’s Calendar and she has uploaded it to her own and synced it to her Hubby as well. Secretly you wish she would share the Calendar with you, but you would never ask her that – you are a grown up, fill your own damn Calendar! She is so ahead of the organisation game it is sometimes scary, but she lets you know what is coming up so you know and she reminds you just that one more time before you walk away in the morning. She is equal parts organised and amazing. How she keeps it all organised at school and at home is admired by you and you let her know about it. You need her, she is sweet and organised and she is able to juggle so many things you marvel at her.

Your squad will change with time, roles, responsibilities, needs. Essentially however, they will get you through the year, you will all in some way help one another. Isn’t that what being in Prep is about, helping everyone? Model this kindness, tolerance and friendship for your child and they can only become amazing adults. Choose your squad wisely, there are those who make life altogether too hard! Dramatic behaviour has no place in Prep – we have all got lunches to prepare and uniforms to press. Let the Drama Mumma’s have space and surround yourself with only the best. Most of all, enjoy the start of the school journey as it is after all, only the very beginning!

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