Tears and Tantrums

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This morning I burnt my toast and it made me think about how glad I am that I’m not pregnant.

Let me explain.

I love having kids, but I really hated being pregnant. Apart from the morning sickness and the heartburn and the decreased sex drive and the swollen ankles (I don’t do things by half measures), it was just so emotionally draining. I cried all the time. About everything.

And I don’t mean that pretty weeping where raindrops pitter patter from your eyes, I mean, gut wrenching, red eyed, banging the floor sobbing. Just to give you an idea of how crazy I was (in case the previous couple of paragraphs haven’t been enlightening enough), here are some of the things I cried about when I was pregnant with Eva:

1. Burnt toast

2. Accidentally dropping my last egg on the floor (although this is genuinely devastating. I’d probably cry about that today too)

3. When the judges didn’t turn around for contestants on The Voice

4. The day I couldn’t find my maternity jeans

5. The fact that Eli wasn’t going to have all our attention anymore

6. The fact that I cried about Eli not having attention, which felt unfair to our unborn child

7. My husband, Luke, laughing at me for crying about everything


Please tell me I wasn’t the only super emotional one. Was anyone else a pregnant crier?


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Kiah Thomas lives in Wollongong and has a communications degree that she will probably never use. She currently spends her time as chauffeur/chef/mother to two small children. The pay is rubbish, but she loves them and wouldn't trade it for anything. Read up on Kiah's stories at