Top 7 Shows to watch on Netflix, if you haven’t already.

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If there’s one thing 2020 has delivered, it’s time. 

Time to watch some great and not so great TV. It’s almost guaranteed that behind every front door, folks were watching a tonne of TV this year.

I’ve accumulated a list of top watches. Some of which you may have seen and some you may not have… yet.

But one things for certain, no matter who I have Zoomed with, FaceTimed, text or called over the last 6 months, there has been one common theme after the pleasantries and Chit chat. What are you watching?

So, I thought I’d be another suggestion giver! Important to note that I’m in for a good time, not a long time, so these are short series and relatively to the point.

Tiger King.

(Not to be confused with Lion King. Can not stress this enough). Oh, so you’ve seen it. Fair enough. But if you are in the 1 percentile of the population that hasn’t seen it – Do yourself a favour. Not because it’s good. Not because it has an empowering, sad or even decent story line. Not for any other reason but to highlight that 2020 was messed up, but that crazy Joe Exotic kept me entertained and I can guarantee you that you haven’t seen anything quiet like this. It’s a ride. It’s one hell of ride. I suggest you jump in, buckle up and hold on. And let this whacky shiiiiit take you away.

The Last Dance.

Regardless if you were or are a Michael Jordan fan or a fan of the NBA at all, this is a great insight into one of the best teams of all time (Chicago Bulls) and undoubtedly the best player of all time (Jordan). Slightly one sided in Jordan’s favour- heck you make it, you make yourself shine I say, but overall a really engaging, addictive look into what helped make Jordan the best (cough, a little bit of Pippen) and how the dynamics of this dynasty were built. Well worth the watch.

Don’t f*ck with cats.

This is real life. This is not for the faint hearted. This is tough. This is hard to watch at times. This is something that only true crime viewers would be interested in or if you can detach to upleasant situations and events. I found this to be seriously insanely sad, scary, intriguing and brilliant- the brilliant part you will understand when you watch. A heinous, correction seriously heinous crime occurs and is put up on- what else but the internet. So, after shockingly viewing it a group of internet sleuths decide that you don’t in fact f*ck with cats and they set off to ensure justice is served. I repeat. Not for the faint hearted. It’s wrong and full on. But, gripping and very good. 

The Office.

US or UK or ideally both. Not out this year. Or last year. An all time great. Like a Seinfeld. A must watch. If you haven’t seen these two versions, stand up, take yourself to the mirror and have a good hard look at yourself. Extreme brilliance.


This is well done; it’s truly insightful. You will meet Esty, a young Jewish Orthodox woman with her whole life ahead of her- well, her whole ‘planned’ life ahead of her. Based on a true story, you are taken on an extraordinary journey of what life is like for this young woman living within a strict Jewish Orthodox community in Brooklyn, New York and what it is like to reject all you have ever known. Fascinating, powerful and thrilling.


Afterlife – Parts I and II.

Ricky Gervais fan here. Yes. But really, a beautiful and beautifully sad series. I think most will gain something positive and uplifting from watching a show that’s premise is really based on something so incredibly hard and upsetting. Typical Gervais style, there’s dark but – gentle humour, wit and some swearing. He goes where most wont. He goes where you want him to go. That’s what makes him a genius. I strongly suggest watching, but take heed that it is called, Afterlife for a reason; we’re talking death and the pure excruciating heartache that comes with it.

Brooklyn 99.

Returning for an eighth season in 2021, it is time now you start from the beginning so you are ready for next year‘a series. This is light. This is fun. This is funnnny. We’ve had so much doom and gloom. Hell, we’ve had enough of that to last us a lifetime over the past 6 months. Sit back, put your laughing pants on and just enjoy this really well written and devised show. You can watch it with the whole family really. Some crude bits, yes. But my god, I was raised watching Dave Allen, Monty Pythons, Fawlty Towers etc. the kids probably need a bit of the old, what does the title of your sex tape mean? – line of questioning anyway. You’ll understand when you watch. Good laugh. Great watch.

The Social Dilemma.

The title says it all. Social media has caused a dilemma for nearly every one of us. The dilemmas will vary through out the show, but the fact is, they have been heavily planted there. This delves deep into the creators and tech experts opinions and knowledge of what the social media platforms are doing (which is what they are designed to do) to us as a human race. It isn’t unknown by the masses that we consume too much from our ‘socials’. Rarely do we have our phones less than a foot away from us at all times. We get it- to some extent. But it’s interesting to watch these experts explain how and why this form of media is primarily marketing, with us as their product and their profit. So, what impacts does it actually have on us? Are we in control? Would these creators and experts themselves allow their own children on these platforms?? A solid watch. 

Ok, I’ll leave it there. Just some suggestions. Just some really good suggestions.

Enjoy xx


Jacinta holds a Bachelor of Arts in Recreation, no you didn't read that incorrectly, she actually has a degree specialising in how to have a good time. She follows everything celebrity, including the goss, memes and dramas that they provide. The loves of her life are her husband and gorgeous boys that fill her days with plenty of laughter and in this world, content,