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Improve your fitness with these at-home exercises

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I totally understand that finding time to go to the gym can be really hard.  As a personal trainer, a lot of women and men tell me that they want to be able to get out and exercise, but the process of leaving the house is the most difficult.  Here are some exercise that will keep you trim, healthy and fit and you can stay at home!

To see these steps in action, visit @themerrygoroundau insta page.

Exercise 1.


An effective abdominal exercise that is great for strengthening and sculpting your way to a stronger core.

This exercise also helps improve posture and increasing the mobility and flexibility of the muscles.

In the video (please see insta post) I use a 10 kg weight plate, but you can start off at a lower or a heavier weight once your confident enough with your technique.


Tips: lay down onto your back on an even flat surface.

In an in-sync motion, drive the weight plate positioned above you in your hands and both legs away from your body.

Once both legs and arms are fully extended away from the body, drive both back to your starting position with the weight plate positioned over both knees to create an abdominal crunch motion.

Repeat this abdominal exercise 15 times or more until you feel the abdominal and oblique muscles start to burn and fatigue.

Try your best to remember to maintain a tight lower back and core with both knees position tightly together.


Exercise 2.


A great exercise to really maximise the whole body to burn through muscular strength and anaerobic endurance.

Here, I have added extra weight to my bur-pee with a body weight push up to help further condition and challenge my entire body.

It’s all about the “BURN”so I challenge you to do them too.🔥💪

Tips: Make sure you place either a 2.5 kg or 5 kg weight plate on the ground in front of where you will land your weight plate when preforming your bur-pee.

Try your best to maintain a tight control through your mid section.  Lower your back especially when driving the weight plate into an over your head press and through your body weight push ups too.

Try your best to repeat this challenging exercise 10 times or more!!


Exercise 3.


This exercise forces you to use every single muscle in your body to get you up onto the box.

A whole body exercise that increases your strength, muscle tone and builds both upper body and lower body strength like crazy.


During the upward phase of this movement you will need to use your core, glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves and even your arms to propel yourself up onto the box.

Make sure to stand up all the way when you get to the top of the box to get a full hip extension.

Make sure you position yourself close to the box before your your explosive jumps.

In the video, I preform the jumps at a beginners level and knee height.

You can increase your height at anytime once you feel confident enough with box jumping technique.

Try aim for 10 to 15 jumps.


Exercise 4.


Just like the previous exercise in my video (box jumps) but to further challenge the body, I have added in body weight bur-pees.

A great exercise I like to do when I’m limited for time and want a whole body taxing challenge.

This exercise connects a bur-pee with a box jump as you come off the ground from a push up position of a bur-pee.

Again, like the previous exercise (box jumps) jump onto a block or box using both feet and stand upright once at the top.


Excellent for burning calories.✔️

Will help you build strong legs, core and glutes.✔️

Improves your fitness level.✔️

Activates muscle tissue.✔️

It will boost your metabolism.✔️

Fun and challenging.✔️


Rep out as many as you can and set yourself a challenge to improve you rep number each week.




Veronica Recupero is a highly energetic and motivated mother of two children, who is passionate about health and fitness. She focuses on a holistic approach to nutrition and training, to empower women to develop a positive mindset to make life style changes. Veronica is an accredited personal trainer, group fitness instructor, body building prep coach and has a diploma in social science. She also creates her own personalised nutritional recipes that are easy to follow and prepare.