My not-so-secret addiction…to laser hair removal

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In the past I’ve had some secret addictions….like the time (cough cough) that I was on maternity leave and became addicted to “Keeping up with the Kardashians”…..or my latest addiction to Cob’s salty and slightly sweet popcorn…..I won’t reveal just how much of that I can eat in one sitting.

But my latest addiction is the most expensive one of all…’s costing me hundreds of dollars….it’s something that I’ve started and I simply cannot stop. It’s something that has altered my life and turned my world upside down.


Before you think “oh ham it up lady, way to sensationalise it!” I know we have talked hair removal here on TMGR and the various options, but let me explain the context of this recent addiction.

My hairy story

I am of Mediterranean background, which may tell you a little something about what the summer school uniform was like for me growing up. No socks were long enough to cover up my hairy knees! And only the thickest of scratchy woolly winter tights would conceal my legs in winter uniform. I gazed in wonder at the blonde Anglo-Saxon girls who had a light sprinkling of downy white hair on their legs that could be shaved without even any evidence of re-growth. What was this world of splendour that they came from?

I spent years fretting over the state of my leg hair and trialing various forms of depilation.  The six-week wait for hair to grow long enough to be waxed was torturous…..many a sticky, forty degree day was spent in long pants and dreaming longingly of the beach.  Shaving was not an option as it just meant the next wax was more painful than having an arm severed.

A small revolution occurred when epilators came along…..however the claims of them being “quick and painless” were absolute B.S! Far out – it would hurt less to sit there with a tweezer and pluck them out one by one.

And so I endured jibes from kids at school, tactless comments from young kids who pointed out “Mummy, why does that lady have so much hair on her arms?” And so on and so forth.

Imagine if laser hair removal had been invented back then. I guarantee you it would’ve been absolutely life-changing! And I’m so pleased that hirsute girls now have the option of a permanent removal from early on.

So I gave it a go

For those who don’t know much about it, let me enlighten you. I initially opted to have my lower legs lasered. After an assessment and trial session (to ensure no adverse reactions) we went in for the kill. It hurts, I won’t lie. But it is short-lived and much quicker than waxing.  And, for me, the pain has lessened significantly with each progressive session (as hair growth has reduced). In fact, the last two have been almost entirely painless.

I am now on my seventh session and have had such a dramatic reduction in hair growth that I can basically go 8 weeks barely noticing a single hair. One quick shave in between laser sessions suffices.  They state that, with ongoing maintenance, clients should attain a 90% reduction in hair. For me, that’s huge. And honestly, it is almost life-changing.

No more worrying that my pants will ride up at the ankles in the depths of winter and everyone will see the leg hair I’ve been cultivating for the harvest of the wax. Skirts can be worn at any time with no prior planning or prep time required. And once I’ve done my full legs summer fashion will be a breeze!

Next it will be underarms….then upper legs…..who knows when this addiction will end!

In the meantime, I will keep admiring my smoothness and spread the word for all my sisters out there……laser rocks. HOLLER!


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Malena is a working mum-of-two who lives in the ‘burbs'…..but dreams of being a fashionista, a writer, a flamenco dancer, a world traveller and so much more! For now, her creative outlet is writing for the Merry-Go-Round which she relishes in between naps, kinder pick-ups and the eternal search for something to cook for dinner!