4 Rules For Dehydrated Skin

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Does dull, flaky, sensitive skin with pronounced fine lines and wrinkles sound familiar? You may be suffering from skin dehydration. But never fear – we’ve got 4 must-haves for tackling dehydrated skin.

Get a diagnosis
Many mistake dehydrated skin for dry skin, but they are actually two completely separate things. Dry skin is a skin type, (the skin type you are born with) and is characterised by a lack of natural oil production in the skin. Dehydrated skin, on the other hand, is a treatable skin condition where one’s skin, for whatever reason, (could be lifestyle, seasonal weather, unhealthy diet) lacks water. While it’s possible to have both dry and dehydrated skin, self-diagnosing and self-treating your skin could lead you into a worse position than you started out with.

So the first step to tackling your skin woes is to book a professional skin consultation where a qualified skin therapist can use an advanced skin scanner to determine what’s really going on beneath the surface. From there, you can understand what needs to be treated, and how.

Get your hyaluronic acid on
If it turns out your skin is in fact dehydrated, one direction your skin therapist will probably steer you into is hyaluronic acid town. Hyaluronic acid, along with sodium hyaluronate, glycol and propylene, are all humectants — which mean they help to bind and retain moisture in the skin cells. So simply by incorporating a good serum containing hyaluronic acid or any of the other mentioned humectants into your skincare routine, you will help your skin look and feel plumper and more hydrated.

We love the HD System Hyaluronic Masques by Bio Therapeutic. They are packed with Hyaluronic Acid, come in 3 different sizes (neck, face and undereye) and leave you feeling plumped, refreshed and super hydrated

Get a lifestyle check
Dehydrated skin can also be a sign of poor diet and lifestyle choices. Smoking, alcohol and excess caffeine all deplete your skin’s water content, so scale back on these things, and your skin will really thank you for it. It’s also important to up the amount of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals in your diet if your skin is dull and lacklustre. Think fresh salmon, olive oil, eggs, avocados, walnuts, and dark leafy greens such as spinach and kale. Staying hydrated is a must — 2 litres of water a day, and consider upping your electrolytes to help retain water in the body. An easy and natural way to do this is to add a pinch of sea salt to a glass of water. Coconut water is also a natural and sugar-free way to replenish electrolytes.

Get high-tech help
Dehydrated skin also gives you a pass to treat yourself to fun, pampering high-tech facials (for the sake of your skin, okay?). Oxygen Facial Machines are fantastic for replenishing moisture and hydration in dull, sunken, ageing and dehydrated skin. By using a combination of pure oxygen delivery and hydrating skin corrective infusions, skin is left plump, supple, purified, youthful and glowing to the nines. Pure oxygen is also naturally antibacterial, so it works to clear skin congestion and blemishes as an added bonus — so seek out an oxygen facialist and go get your glow on! You deserve it.


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